Monday, July 24, 2006

july is almost over

I finally decide to get back into this again and my network goes all crazy-like and won't allow me internet access until this second. Fortunately, I'm one of those optimist type folk, and am pretty much just glad that it's finally working.


Okay so that above text was written several hours ago before a friend of mine came over and started throwing shit at my window 'cause I wouldn't answer my cellphone. We're talking rocks at the windowpane, whisper-shouting my name, flashing the headlights stuff, like the kind of things I used to do for my old girlfriend.

Let me tell you, this guy is the shit.

So he comes by and tells me to come outside for a second. Based on past experience, I ask if I'll need shoes and he says yes and five minutes later we're at the bar and he's saying "Oh! I forgot you had to work in the morning."

Again, this guy is my hero.

So basically I'm just finishing this up. I hate to leave something half-done, and I've missed the internet these past few weeks, and mostly just wanted to say that I'm glad to have you all back. I'll talk to you all soon.