Wednesday, June 14, 2006

way to go dude

Alright so here’s my take on ideas and planning and pretty much knowledge in general.
Mostly it’s pretty cool.
Seriously, knowing how things work and being able to use that to your advantage is, well, advantageous.
But there are a lot of people out there who think they know things, and a lot of those things are fairly contradictory. These people are great for sociological studies and applications and it’s neat how they can play out on a broader scale what happens in most of our heads on a day to day basis, but in the end they tend to be the cause of most of humanity’s problems. The solution to some, sure, but the cause to a lot more.
I think I originally had a point to make here, but the Super Mario music in the background made me lose my train of thought.
I think I was trying to say that when it comes down to it, you’ll probably be just as well off taking everything pretty easy. You know, just toss your hat into the ring and see what happens when it falls. Randomness can lead to some shitty outcomes on occasion, but on the whole you’ll be better off than if you try to control everything and fail miserably because all those things you thought you knew were just made up by a bunch of liars to make themselves look better.

Also, I just found out today that Colin Pearson is going to be opening for Matt Good at the Prince George Folkfest this year in Prince George BC. This is pretty much awesome news. It would be even better if I didn’t live way over here in Ontario, and you know, could actually go, but still, good news is good news and I won’t ruin it with my own selfish wants.