Sunday, November 06, 2005

el diablo esta la menta

My friend Kat sent me this picture the other day. She’s the coolest.

I went out for another birthday tonight because that’s what November is all about. Local bar, lots of pool tables, the best waitress in the history of history, it was a good time.
The good thing about local bars is that you can pack a van full of people, then pick the car up the next day. Hopefully.
Jager was off the menu for good reason, so I sit here under the haze of beer and tequila, drinking Propel “Vitamin Supplement”, Gatorade’s newest endeavour, while eating discounted Hallowe’en candy.
Company would be nice, but that’s a given. With or without the drunk-awesome-ness, it’s always nice to have somebody.
Tonight however, it looks like it’s just me and the guitar. I’d play a sad song if I knew how.