Wednesday, June 15, 2005

let me tell you

This is about Colin; an update, if you will.

He didn’t implode or explode or sink to the bottom of the bay. The only water in his lungs was of the holy variety, and though it burned something fierce he coughed it all up. Now it’s out there floating on air as vapour based redemption. Son, would you pass me a beer?

Life’s quite the sport, wouldn’t you agree? Things can seem complicated and are generally more complicated than they seem. Add a pretty girl to the mix and watch the shit hit the fan.

Colin could have avoided the deep end of the ocean, but swimming with your eyes closed is bound to end in distraction. Looking back, even had he been given a choice, he’d still have left the water wings at home.

So this, my friends, is a message, from him to me and from me to you:

I’m okay.
You’re okay.
Go ahead, dive in.