Monday, March 14, 2005

wordplay on wheels

Today I said goodbye to the Malibu. No longer will I cruise through Bramptonia whith four doors, dual airbags, and a stylish little spoiler on the rear. The family's car has been retired to the garage until such a time as one worthy enough, (ie with valid driver's a license) come to claim it as their own.
And I couldn't be happier. For today, by saying goodbye, I entered into a whole new golden age. Welcome my friends, to the Van Years.

Yes, I officially have a van again. The proud owner of a V6, front wheel drive, seven-seater, 1993 Plymouth Voyager, I shall tear through the streets with renewed vigour, blasting out 80's mix tapes from my AM/FM/Cassette players. You can come too, it's "Wildberry" purple.
Naturally, this being my first car, I named it.

So without further ado, enter the Vandango...

A huge thanks goes out to my Uncle and Aunt for being incredible and making this happen for me.