Friday, March 04, 2005

so that's what it's like to write all in one breath...

I wanted to post but all the PC's in the library were taken up, so here I am stuck on a Mac and I hate it 'cause it's driving me insane with its stupid little one button mouse and lack of a program menu. I'm type typing away while waiting for a page to load in the background and it's taking forever 'cause it's a piece of junk and I keep accidentally clicking on things when I move the mouse and I was going to draw pictures for you because I finished class pretty early and have hours and hours before Kev is done work and Robby K is done school and we can hook up and tour the city and go see Jakalope and go back to the bars and finally crash at Rob's house and maybe sleep forever. But then I couldn't draw anythin 'cause Mac's don't have Paint rendering them mostly useless for anything but very basic posts, or ones full of other people's pictures which oes against my nature. Now I know that long time Mac users are all crazy-ass loyal and obsessive about owning anything Apple related but I think it's only because they put subliminal messages in the screensavers and welcome screens to make you buy IPods to listen to ITunes on your stereo using AirPorts while your friends send AirTunes to their IBooks and look at IPhotos of you eating apple pie. What I don't understand is why this particular Mac has Internet Explorer on it because I constantly hear how bad it is from Mac people and I was hoping I could finally try Firefox but noooooo. Later I'll have pictures but you won't see them until I'm back on my laptop where it's all clean and organized and nice and then I'll be all up in your face with them and you'll be too enthralled by the amzing awesomeness of them to say or do anything and then while you're distracted I'll steal your wallet and the joke will be on you 'cause you should have been smart enough not to look at them in the first place 'cause you should have known they'd obvously be so good.

I miss commas.