Sunday, March 20, 2005

the rest of the night

I wrote a huge post about what happened later. It was boring, so I erased it. Here's a compressed version:

Colin was bored/feeling down after Georgetown.
Colin went to Acton, bought juice.
Cat goes "Meow!", Colin goes "Shit-ass!", brakes go "Squeeeaaaal", juice tips over.
Colin goes to Guelph.
Guelph = boring
Radio sings "Here comes the resurrection, everybody's got to die from something, nothin' ever left to leave you when you go..."
Colin sees hitch-hikers, keeps driving.
Colin goes to Cambridge.
Sign says "ONE WAY", Colin says "Dammit!", brakes go "Screeeeech!", juice tips over again.
Colin goes to Waterloo.
Colin thinks "I should see Erin and Lee.", looks at clock, changes mind.
Orange light on dash goes "Blinkety blink!"
Colin gets gas.
Realizing he's just wasted hours of his life, Colin heads home.
Ice cream is good.