Friday, March 11, 2005

Fine then! I don't need any open discussion or exchange of ideas!

Four days, nine comments, four people; one of them was me.
Now I know I don't have a whole lot of readers out there, but I thought I had more than three. All those who commented; I thank you.
To all you anonymous readers, consider yourself offically dead to me. As far as I'm concerned you no longer exist, and being that this blog is my universe, over which I hold the ultimate sway, as long as you're here, I can and will make that so until you come grovelling back to the comments page.
Actually, that would be pretty harsh. Tell you what, 'cause we go back a ways, I'll forgive you. You're still assholes, but I love you anyway.
The good news now (aside from me still liking you, which is awesome and should make you ecstatic) is that I can go back to posting like normal, which I'll do... now.