Wednesday, March 02, 2005

by the time you read this, it will be forgotten

This was the dinner I was supposed to make for Laura today. It tasted incredible. She’s doesn’t know that. She didn’t go to school today because of the weather. I knew she wasn’t going, and I still didn’t tell her I was home too. Instead, I slept so late that there was even less time to see her before I had to go to work than there would have been if I had spent the day at school in the first place. So she’s mad.
I tried to tell her that I think she’s awesome. I tried to say that lately, I’ve just been having problems inside my brain. I tried to make sure she knows how I care about her more than I care about anything else. But all that I could force out was silence. I’m bad with words when I actually have to say them. I think she thinks there’s another girl. If only she knew how wrong she was…