Friday, March 04, 2005

Breaking News!

Yes, it's true. Laura and Justine are representing York University right now in Montreal, on their annual "Let's go to Montreal, get smashed, and try to hook up with Buff-Guy trip". Their plan this year? To use their diplomatic University Hottie privileges to get into the best bars, where they will meet/seduce rich anglophonic qubecians with little or no French accents, who will buy them ponies and Super Nintendo. The men are also required to be extremely pretty.
If that fails, they move to their contingency plan... male strip club.

Did you know that the number of out of province 18-22 year olds rushed to the emergency room for strip club related eye injuries in Quebec has increased by three hundred and fifty percent over the last two years?
Some cautious club owners have started requiring front row customers to wears saftey goggles, or in some more extreme cases, full protective face shields.

In other news... I rock.

Back to you Tom.