Saturday, January 15, 2005

"You've got red on you."

Just finished watching Shaun of the Dead... you should do the same. Well... not "finish" watching it. You should start. Then finish. Later. When it's over.

Honestly, best "Romantic Comedy with Zombies" I've ever seen.
That's where I'm supposed to say "Ha ha, actually, it's the ONLY "Romantic Comedy with Zombies I've ever seen."
Then I'm supposed to chuckle, taking pleasure in my own perceived genius at having said something I thought was incredibly clever, while ignoring the fact that it was more clever when I heard someone else say it first. Freakin' Idiots!

It took a long time to evolve from monkies, into neandethals and cro-magnuns. It then took another long while for the cro-mags to wipe out the neanderthals and eventually develop a system of societal practice that would eventually lead us down the path we're on today. At some point in history, evolution skipped a few steps and made a huge leap to turn us into parrots.
The majority of our species' history can be quite nicely wrapped un in twelve words:

Monkies for a while, humans for an instant, sheep for a lifetime.

Now I'm just getting off topic. I do that when I think about the state of the world. Right now though, I'm happy. The movie made me laugh. I loved the clever use of repetition, along with the varying speeds/cuts of scene, akin to those which made me fall in love with Lock Stock. The facial expressions of the actors were amazing, and the underlying theme of zombie-ism in our modern world, is something I get frustrated about on a bi-hourly basis. Once again, go rent it.

Love much
(Get it? It's "much love" in reverse, signifying my abundant love for all of you, while at the same time, telling you to go out there and give your own freely. It's simplified genius.)