Wednesday, January 19, 2005

this blog is my blog

Sometimes my posts don't really make sense. I just thought of that. They're not always written with an audience in mind. Mostly, they're written for me.
I don't have much of a memory, I never have, and I doubt I ever really will. It's not just that I can't remember names and dates, and other meaningless day to day drivel. It's that I can't remember my life. What I've done, where I've been... everything tends to fade, and drift away. This blog is a roadmap of my life. Each post is a landmark to help me recover the fragments of my existence. Some posts will be obvious, understood on a basic level by anyone who cares to try, while others will be more specific, incomprehendable to all but a few who were there. Some, will be for me alone, but will play an integral part in understanding who I really am. Personally, I don't really care for censorship. I prefer the more subtle approach of shrouded mysteries and twisted words. I know why I write what I write, do you?