Thursday, January 13, 2005

someday I'll write a post that's not about/influenced by my lack of sanity

So I did this to my car today...

Apparently, immovable objects such as huge concrete supports for underground parking lots, are not to be trifled with. Apparently I shouldn't be allowed to drive without a healthy dose of caffeine in my system.
In my defense, it happened before 7AM, and I'm much more of a noonish to early evening person.

When I realized how bad it was, I did this:

Then this:

And then:

Followed by:

Honestly, awful awful morning. The kind where it would have been better to stay in bed. And not the good kind of staying in bed, the kind where you're only there 'cause you'll cause less damage that way.
Class was brutal. It was a pretty simple week, but nothing was going right. I burnt my carmelized apples, my butternut squash soup was too sweet, I served forty-five minutes late, and I developed a personal vendetta against crêpes that will last until one of us is utterly destroyed. How hard can it be to make four freaking crêpe pouches stuffed with a sage cream filling!!? I had points during the day where I actually ran out of words to use, and had to resort to basic phonetics to get across my frustration.
It got better eventually. The morning was an exercise in futility, but Philosophy was awesome, so I'm over all that other stuff now. Mostly I'm just tired and full of gum.

Laura got me this jar full of Chews candy for Christmas:

Every ten minutes for the last hour and a half I've randomly eaten fifteen of them, and am reaching the point where opening and closing is getting mostly impossible. Here's the breakdown... chew.......purple chew
8:42 _______7_________8

Total= 150 chews, 72 pink and 78 purple

Looking at the disgusting chewed up grayish puple mass, kind of makes me wonder why I just wasted all that time.

I think I should go.