Friday, January 14, 2005

maybe I'll rent a video game

We've all got a core group of people that we give a ring when we wanna go out. Usually, they've all got slightly different tastes, so we've got a few different options depending on what we feel like doing.
I feel like doing anything. Anything at all.

So I called Mike, permanent B-town resident, awesome guy; his girl has something "special" planned for the weekend. Scratch him off the list.

I talked to Gibby. I've know him my whole recallable life; he's always working. Fucking Blockbuster.
(I don't have any pictures of him)

I remembered "Hey! Kev's in Brampton for Co-op!", 'cause man, Kevin C likes to partay.. except, it's his girlfriends birthday back in 'Loo.

Laura's working her job, then going out to babysit for her extended family. She's nineteen. And babysitting. I can't blame her though, she loves kids and she's absolutely the awesomest person I know. Anyway, she's gone for the night.




I really wanna hook up with Matt, Robby K and Flu 'cause I haven't seen those kids forever, 'cept for New Years, where Flu's funnel made me way too happy way too quickly, and had ME gone for the night. They're mostly unreachable though, what with being in TO all the time.

So I'm kinda running out of options. No, no... scratch that... I'm officially proper fucked...except... Justine might be around.

Here's a graph representing coolness levels:

Normal Cool Girl >>>>>>>
Party Girl >>>>>>>>>>
then there's Justine >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>-Maxed Out

We'll see though. A new guy popped up recently, so she might have gone the same way as Mike and Kev.

Whatever, I'm going to go have a shower and consider waking up.