Tuesday, January 25, 2005

a little false pretense here, a little silence there

`I don't understand this. Are you saying that if you got up and said this is necessary for the defence of Canada, it wouldn't be accepted?'

Hmmmm... blind faith, or informed choice? Sorry Dubya, we don't work that way up here. Actually, I was pretty sure you worked differently down there too. It seems rather presumptuous to assume that you deserve the unquestioned support of your citizens, without having to convince them you've earned it. Granted, you won the majority, but you've still got fifty-something million people awaiting some proof that your the right man for the job. All that aside though, we need to talk.

You see, I've been hearing a lot of crazy rumours lately. Rumours and promsies of a magic shield that will protect north america from tyranny and oppression. Often, these rumours are followed by whispered words, that sound almost like shaded threats and ultimatums. Oddly disconcerting, don't you think? Conditional salvation with no guarantees and no evidence of success? A new agreement, based on the shredded ruins of older, forgotten pacts. How quickly we forget the ABM treaty of 1972. Apparently, the fast paced world of 2001 was too hip for dusty old pieces of paper. How then, can we be expected to accept your assurances that Ballistic Missile Defense will deliver us from evil, forever keeping us safe us from fearful media by-products? Tell me that you don't believe in the weaponization of space, tell me that this system will not be used as a shield to free your other hand to wield you nuclear daggers. Tell me you believe in the dream of a world without weapons, and tell me no lies.
Otherwise, I ask that you burn the flag yourself, because though you use the words to sway the impressionable minds that put you on your throne, you clearly don't understand what freedom and choice are all about.