Tuesday, January 11, 2005

is "recallable" even a word?

I desperately need to go out and do something fun. Maybe I just need to go out, period. The monotony of my day to day life has actually begun to frighten me. Inconsistent sleeping habits, dinnertime at 2am, then sleep for two days straight. I'm just giving my body more and more reasons to hate me.
I heard a new sound for the first time today. I know that sounds stupid, but how often do you actually hear something you've never heard before, caused by something unimaginable? I was excited at first. Then I realized what it was:

My sanity, being torn away, shred by shred from the rest of my conscious mind.
Do you have any idea how loud a sound has to be, to take tangible form despite being projected from another plane of existence where sounds don't even technically exist?
It sounded like wet velcro.

So some things have to change. First and foremost, I have to go out... somewhere. Secondly, I should really take better care of myself. It's not like I'm lazy, or fat, or eat junk, or smoke, or drink a lot, or have any other standard bad habits. I'm just random is all. It's both my best a worse quality. It makes up for my lack of a consciously recallable memory through the precise instrumentation of sporadic sponaneity. But it also makes my body hate me. I think I'll go work on this now.

I'll keep you posted.

I found a stairway that only goes in one direction. All I need now is a picture of an escalator to nowhere...