Sunday, January 30, 2005

exposure compensation 2.0

Nine-thirty. The Bomber. Ensuing Silence is opening up, and as usual, we arrive just in time.
This time the standard "we" of Justine and I, is complemented by the awesome addition of Laura.

The three of us say our hellos, grab a table at the front, and prepare ourselves for a night of elation, guitar rift-style. We would not be disapointed.



Chris (aka CW, aka automated drumming machine)

I wasn't exactly sure how it was gonna be, but they didn't let me down.
Guys, if you actually read this, the amount of work you've been putting in is incredible; and obvious to anyone who listens. A very solid sound, and I'm loving the flexibility you've got going on. I managed to pull off a couple videos of Summer, and though I didn't catch the full song either time, it's growing on me. Naturally, it's got nothing on Handlebars and Sidestraps, but that's to be expected.
Great set. It's too bad it had to end so soon, but then if it hadn't, the next one would never have begun.
So Ensuing Silence says goodbye to the Bomber crew, and heads out. For the moment we stay to check out the next set, a group by the name of Educating Skeptics...

Yes, they have returned.
We stayed for most of their set, they're a decent band themselves. I can't find a website or anything for them, but if I do, I'll put it up here somewhere. They've got a good sound; a bit different, almost funkified, but with the great violin accompaniment. After a few songs, the clock hit eleven, and we had to be off.

So we're on the road, and looking for King St East.
(driving past King St North)
"Gotta be here somewhere"
(keeps going)
"Maybe if we drive further down University."
(goes way further)
"Wait... was that a left or a right?"
(turns around)
"Maybe it's off the highway."
(goes on 85, northbound)
"Hold on, South is that way?"
(gets off highway, turns, goes back on 85 South)
"There's an exit!"
(exits onto King St)
"Okay, is this the right one?"
(Justine and Laura say it's King St North again)
"What the hell!!?"
(Colin scratches his head)
"Fine... we're just gonna drive South on King St North, and maybe it'll eventually intersect with King St East."
(fifteen minutes later, King Street North randomly becomes King St East)
"Fucking Kitchener..."

The moral of the story is:

Don't assume that you're ever on the wrong street. Drive further just in case. Seriously, even if it doesn't look at all like the right one, just keep going. Until you get to the border, and are about to cross into an adjacent country, you could still potentially be going the right way. Oh, unless you see water. Don't keep driving if you're going to end up in water.

The other moral is:

Morals don't always come at the end.

Eventually, we got to the bar. A place by the name of the Circus Room. Nice little bar. The toilet paper dispenser was literally caulked to the wall (which sounds cooler when spoken than written), and there were evil clowns all over the place.

They were playing at eleven-thirty, and it was midnight by this point. Yeah, I'm not a rocket scientist/geographer. It didn't matter though. The show was delayed, so once again, we were just in time. I love it when fate intervenes. So it was another great set, possibly made more so by the lone microphone Lee and Chris were required to share. It was worth it though, 'cause when the screamo band that played next did a cover of "I Will Survive", it meant Chris could get right up there and show them how it's done.

I'm gonna talk to the guys and see if I can put some sample video/music up here somewhere. In the meantime, just head over to their website and download New Lap Record. Now.
No, really, right now. Don't turn your back on me! Don't walk towards that door! Dammit. Gotta work on those superpowers...

For real though, get it... it's awesome.