Saturday, January 22, 2005

even better than one hand clapping

Shhhhh... be still, say nothing. Feel the moment, take it in, and share the sound. Who will break the silence?

Ah, Friday nights. Full of anticipation, full of excitement... full of Kev, Matt , Justine, Cheryl, Michelle. Just when you think you're set, Robby K steps in from the shadows and it just gets better.
Caught up with some of the old gang, and some of their new gang. I am now working on a complex and possibly sneaky plan to combine both gangs. It will involve heavy drinking, numerous sessions, and if necessary, a llama. I'll get Matty to put me in touch with Flu . From what I've read, undertaking operations of this scale comes naturally to him.

PS The plan was drawn up while in the process of eating three caramel vanilla Drumsticks...

I'll keep you posted.