Friday, January 21, 2005

doo doo doo d-d-doo doo under pressure...

Last week was mostly awful. No need for any more details, it was a suck-fest, plain and simple. Fortunately, I have two rather powerful tools to use in order to get over it:

-works well in just about any situation, no matter how awkward or shifty
-can be used to forget unfortunate isolated incidents, twist events around until they're more to your liking, or block out whole years at a time
-makes the world seem all pastel coloured and happy-like
-helps exercise your imagination

-goes well with numerous emotions (ie happy, sad, angry, chillin', vengeful, homicidal, etc)
-can complement the situation, or drown it out if that's more useful
-helps focus and channel energy that would otherwise be wasted on frustration
-can change the moods of semi-bipolar people like that (*snaps fingers)

This week, I planned to take a heavy dosage of denial, but it turned out I didn't have to. Everything just kind of sorted itself out, and went really well. Well, except for the wreckage of the car, that's kinda worse... but screw it, the drive Thursday morning made up for it. I got in the car, figuring I'd pop in my new Muse disc, turn on the radio, and out comes Blind Melon, No Rain. I made a blissful gasp, and cranked it, as it's one of the songs that represents me in music form. So I'm drivin' down the road, singing at the top of my lungs, 'cause I'm alone and what else would I do? The song ends, so I flip over to another station, figuring "Hey, maybe I'll give the radio a shot..." and BAM! I'm hit with Aha and Take On Me, which is crazy 'cause I was just talking about it the day before. So I'm singing again, until it ends, then I change punch in a new station, and I get Bono singing Mysterious Ways. The crazy thing is, this just kept on happening.

After U2 came:
Matt Good Band - Indestructible
Audioslave - Like a Stone
Supertramp - Give a Little Bit
Foofighters - One by One
Greenday - When I Come Around
U2 again with Where the Streets Have No Name
Then the Smashing Pumpkins finished with 1979, and I was parked, just sitting there going "Yeeaaaaah."

Now I must go call Kev and Matt.