Thursday, January 27, 2005

Are you ready for the next generation of innovation?

Trying to get on the computers in the school library between 10am and 1pm is insanity. The place is full of hundreds of millions of people (dozens at least), and they're all creeping around waiting for somebodsy to be finished and then BAM! They pounce. A flurry of knapsacks and mittens is all you see as seven or eight people all dive for the lone free computer. There's name calling, hair pulling, eye-gouging. It's a madhouse. Then there's always the one polite, kinda shy person who patiently waits in what they think is a line but is really just a mob. Everybody kinda pities them 'cause they'll never ever get their turn. That doesn't stop us from jumping in front of them though.
Today I didn't really feel like starting a library mosh-pit. Consequently, I've been banished to the dungeon-like basement level open access lab. It's a dimly lit room with dingy pistachio-coloured walls monitored by a solitary Computer Lab Overlord(a guy with a blue shirt and a name tag). He has yet to venture close enough for me to actually read the tag, but I'm pretty sure it says Gargonon.
I came up the the best idea ever yestereday. It's a new and exciting type of deoderant that's going to sweep the nation, flooding the market with Glacial Ice scented creativity in little platics oval-tubes.
Conditioning deoderant, or "conoderant" as it will be branded. It's basically your standard deoderant stick/soft solid, combined with a specially designed moisture rich conditioner to stimulate the folicals of your underarm hair, and smooth each strand from root to tip. It will nourish the hair with the bounty of nature. Some potential ingredients include Vit B3/B6, fructose, glucose, natural fruit oils/acids, and possibly Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride. Pentraing deep into the folicle, it will moisturize and give you back that youthful shine.
Wait... maybe I'll call it "deoditioner". Sounds more futuristic.

Annnnd class starts at noon.