Thursday, December 30, 2004

how far on the 401 before I come to the Gardiner?

I went to the Alexisonfire show on December 17. You know, the one with the Planet Smashers, at the Kool Haus where Sleeper Set Sail opened. Anyway, it was a crazy-ass good time. Too crazy-ass in fact, to describe with words, so here's the story as told in picture form...

I didn't get any proper group shots, but these'll do...

That's Mike on the top. I'm flipping him off 'cause we're cool like that. Someone else is sticking a bottle in his face 'cause they wish they were.
On the bottom we've got Steve, John, and Hailley, whom I owe an apology for not knowing how to spell her name.

These two ladies are Kenna and Eva. Eva is here with Steve and Kenna's just a cool girl with good taste in music.

We didn't know this guy, but he was rockin' so hard I had to take his picture.

Oh yeah, John and Hailley have a little something going on, which is awesome for John 'cause she's a little fireball, and awesome for Hailley, 'cause John knows how to party.

They had a huge projection screen set up that featured Pee Wee Herman all night long. I was at a loss for words.

This was the first drink of the night. Well, the first drink inside the club, which therefore doesn't include all the vodka/orange-juice and Crown Royal that went down while waiting in line outside.

Hailley took a picture of me with her cell-phone, while I took a picture of her with my camera...

then we hit the bar. The picture came out kinda blurry, but that's how it looked to me anyway.

At some point during the night, I gave Steve my camera and hit the crowds California-style. On the top you can only see my foot, but on the bottom you get a pretty good view. I've been to a lot of shows over the years, and you know what? This never gets boring. I'll put in a guide to crowd-surfing sometime, after I perfect the "picture taking while riding the wave" technique.

While we were waiting for Alexis to go on stage, John and Mike made a new friend.

They all posed for me 'cause having a camera gives you that power over people. Mike was excited.

I handed off the camera to Mike so I could tell George to head over to Waterloo and check out the next Ensuing Silence show.

He considered it while I pretended to be black and did a drunken "West- siiiiide yo!"

Then George had to go, because Alexisonfire had finally come on stage, and he wanted to present them with a copy of their album which had just gone Gold.

I think they were happy 'cause they played an awesome set.

I think this was during White Devil.

Eventually Pee Wee was replaced on the big screen by Andy Dick wearing a Santa hat. Again I was at a loss for words.

The band left for a minute, but then came back to play two encores, during which we formed a huge circle pit. I dropped my glasses during the last song 'cause this was the first time I'd ever worn them to a concert, but I found them at the end. The were twisted like mad, scratched to hell, and missing a lens, but that was okay, because I also found a studded leather bracelet among the wreckage on the floor. I later charmed the crap out of the girl working at the place where I bought the glasses until she promised to fix my glasses for free. I love commerce.

Thus ends the Alexisonfire adventure, the first concert I've ever caught on film, but just a stepping stone amongst musical interludes. Fin.