Monday, November 29, 2004

ensuing silence and the guy with the blue violin...

This weekend couldn't have gone better. First of all, it started on Friday 'cause one class got cancelled and the other two were too insignificant to warrant a trip downtown. Thus, I was able to sleep in 'till like 2pm. It was awesome. Next, after a shower and the re-application of some clothes, the Waterloo plan begins to form. Justine calls, and we set a time. I drive up to see Laura at work and tell her I'm takin' off. She seems mad, but that's okay, she's cute when she's mad. I head back home and toss a sleeping bag and some deodorant in my green canvas backpack with brown fake leather trim, circa 1992. Justine pulls up in her van and we're off. We stop by her house and pick up a sleeping bag and a pillow 'cause she forgot hers, then set out to Waterloo.
It's an awesome town if you don't live there. We went to a Battle of the Bands at a UW bar to see Ensuing Silence. They rocked, my sister cheered really loudly, and Kev showed up with Sarah. The sound guy tried to fuck over the band. Again. Colin Andrew and I swore vengeance. I'm thinking that if enough of us swarmed him at once, we could overpower the steroids. The judges made their decision and made clear to the world that they know nothing of good music. Not only did Ensuing Silence not make their Top 3 List, but neither did the funked out sounds of the violin band. How can the only punk band at a rock show play twice as long as they're allowed, do the same crappy song over and over, and somehow win? I suspect they volunteered to blow the sound guy after the show.

After hanging out with the band in their mostly haunted house, it was back to Erin and Lee's to sleep. It was five in the morning and we had grocery shopping to do the next day. Justine grabbed the couch, and I, ever the gentleman, camped out on the floor. Justine being the vixen that she is, had a date the next day, so after talking and laughing and being utterly cool, we fell asleep.
The next day found us at the grocery store, and then on the road home. After a sidetrip to Sportsworld, and a seemingly fated encounter with a broken arcade game that dispensed prize tickets of it's own accord, we headed back to Brampton, now armed with a collection of prizes and loot that would have made Chuckee Cheese himself jealous. We drove home wearing Mardi Gras beads and buzzing away on novelty lip noisemakers. It was only three o'clock, and already, I felt completely fulfilled.