Tuesday, October 12, 2004

while we're here...

Since we're still symbolically chillin' back in July, I'd say this is a good time to post this pseudo-apology to Myrna, Brenda, and the gang, which was meant to be published just after the last entry:

July 18, 4:57am

Sorry I’m late guys, I would’ve been here like ten minutes ago, but man did I have to go to the bathroom. I had to go the whole walk home, but by clinging to the last shred of civic pride I possess, I managed to resist the urge to let loose upon some unfortunate soul’s mailbox. Brampton, you owe me.
So Mike calls me today. You know Mike, AKA Knight Rider, definitely a solid guy. Anyway, he calls me up and tells me his family is gone for the week. Now, it’s just past five in the evening, and I’m still in bed, but as drinking is clearly going to ensue, I figure it’s time to get up.
So I’m up, and ready to go, but now I’ve got a problem. By going out with Mike, I was going to complicate this evening’s plans. You see, I was already supposed to be meeting some people at the bar around nine. This left me with three hours (it was almost six now) to drink with Mike before I had to stumble forty-five minutes to an hour down the road to meet up with Brenda, Myrna and Priam. Last Sunday was Brenda’s birthday, and Myrna was getting married in two weeks, so being there to buy them each tequila shots was priority for tonight. This is where the whole “me being a dick” thing comes in. Although I totally had the plan all worked out in my mind, by seven o’clock, the rum started to kick in, and I began to lose focus. By eight o’clock I was sitting on Mike’s back porch, chillin’ with him, Daniel, Kyle, Adam, and a guy who I think was named Brian, listening to some tunes. I was still quite intent on going to the bar, but the guys seemed to doubt my ability to actually pull it off. Sadly, my mind had lost a bit of it’s edge, mostly due to the last couple of shots, and I started to believe them. So it gets to be about quarter after nine, and I’m still sitting on the back porch, now catching up with Mike’s neighbour, Anne and drinking rum and coke. Anne brought peach schnapps. We’re talking, when suddenly my mind (now about as sharp as a plastic spoon), kicks it briefly into high gear and realizes that I’m late, and those birthday/wedding shots, were not going to buy themselves. That was when I started trying to get the guys (and Anne) to come on down with me the bar. This liquor-spurred attempt to rally the troops lasted all of five minutes. It was decided that going to the bar now wasn’t at all practical, and that I was going to have to stay at Mike’s house.. So I got another drink. I was kinda bummed about not being able to make good on my pledge to get drunk with the girls, but then the Hip came on the radio station and all was well again. Some time went by and eventually (after two), Adam’s cab showed up. He’d been busy with his Army Reserve Training all week, and had trench-foot and malaria, so he was calling it an early night. As we’re seeing him off, we notice another car parked in front of the house. Anne was also gonna be taking off, and she’d called here ex-boyfriend to come pick her up, which under normal circumstances would have been cool, but tonight wasn’t about to go as smoothly as it should have. Knowing the guy driving the car was probably Anne’s ride, I go up to say hi. Now just for a little background, I’m a pretty friendly guy, more so when aided by the warm fuzziness of alcohol, so I walk right up to the passenger window reach in, and say “What’s happening guys, I’m Colin.” The driver, Anne’s ex, seemed like a chill guy. I grabbed his hand, we had some small talk, no problems. His passenger however, turned out to be a dick. I shake his hand, and start talking to the two of them, and as I’m talking, I realize the guy’s still holding onto my arm. I kinda cock my head to the side, being confused and not quite sober, and say “Dude, why are you holding my arm?”. Now this guy, who had been pretty passive before, starts freaking out on me. Apparently he wants to fight. The driver is not up for this at all, he just keeps telling his friend to calm down. As he’s doing so, I pick up on the fact that this spazzy kid’s name is also Colin. Now where I would have totally kicked his ass five minutes ago, now I find out that he’s got the same name as me, and obviously I can’t fight him anymore, as that would be against the understood laws of drinking. The only problem is, that the guy seems to know nothing about common courtesy and the rule where people with the same name as you are automatically accepted as drinking buddies. All he can seem to think about now is fighting me, which just kept making me madder and madder ‘cause I’m totally against violence. Honestly, it could have gotten pretty bad, but luckily, Kyle, being the sensible one at the time breaks in and changes the subject. The kid lets go of my arm, and Mike, Kyle, Daniel, Mike and I don’t have to fuck over Anne’s ex-boyfriend’s little punk of a friend.
Man, this is getting long, and I’ve pretty much just been rambling for the last hour, so I’m taking off. The gist of this story was pretty much just that I felt bad for not meeting the people at the bar, joining the army will give you malaria, and that guy was a ass.
G’night all!