Thursday, September 16, 2004

I need a time machine...

So I was late again. I'm always late. I think that I must have been born fifteen minutes after my predestined, God-ordained birth-time, and ever since then I've been living in a world that happens a quarter of an hour later than everyone elses. It's like I'm on the this train that keeps missing all it's stops, but there's no getting off 'till the end of the line.
On the plus side, I'll probably die five minutes later than I was destined to too. That should give me enough time to say goodbye properly and then flip the world off one last time. A salute to unpunctuality.
Alright so I mostly just made that up, but the idea of living in a world slightly outside of time sounds pretty rad. I like talking in theories, 'cause no one can ever really prove you wrong.