Tuesday, September 21, 2004

feelin' red and white, but definitely not blue

So here we are. Monday again. But that’s okay, I’m still back on Friday in my mind, so I’m chillin’. You know what Friday was?
Matt Good at the ORC.
That stands for the Orangeville Rec Center. In Orangeville.
Yeeeeeah. Awesome set. A good mix off Avalanche, White Light, even a little old-school band stuff from Beautiful Midnight/Underdogs. And yes, he played Apparitions. Classic. A completely lighter-worthy song.
As it turned out, even the opening band was kickin’. Stabillo was their name, and for all you York U students, yes, they were the same band that played at York Fest on Tuesday just before Buck Sixty-Five and Matt Good. Not that you’d remember of course. You were all too busy being drunken idiots. But I guess that’s what happens when the province changes it’s whole educational policy, flooding colleges and universities with seventeen year-olds. That’s old news though, and I’m too stoked about hearing Weapon live twice is one week to get into that right now.

PS - If I can figure out a way to upload an image to link to this site, I’ll post a picture I drew of Laura, Justine and I briefly stalking Matt Good at York.